In Search of Chiffon-esque

19 Apr
GirlSeeksShoe here.
As promised, here are my fabulously floaty finds. Although chiffon is very expensive, I would say it is worth having one true chiffon piece in your wardrobe, whether it be a dress, a blouse, a shirt or even a scarf. The lightness of the fabric will never fail to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Feel free to pick up affordable chiffon-esque pieces when you find them though; I find that an abundance of frills makes up for the not-so-real fabric.
First up is a surprisingly summery top, which…as criminal as this may sound… I forgot I had. The pink is actually a bright bubblegum hue, which may not be to everyone’s liking, but suits me just fine.

 New Look, Summer 2010

As chiffon (or chiffon-esque as the case may be)  is such a light fabric, I tend to wear vest tops/tank tops underneath my blouses. I particularly love the affordability of H&M’s, which come in a range of colours and lengths. Recently, whilst in New York, I bought a yellow tank top form Forever 21, which had a cute ruffled detailing of the front, which makes a nice change from the constant stream of plain cut tops.

Next up are two tops I bought in the end of season sale last summer, and have lasted me from Autumn to Summer. The patterns are not very clear, and as they were the factors that appealed to me most, I have included close-ups. The blouses were a bargain at £2 each!



Now, on the aforementioned trip to New York, I also bought a blouse and a dress from Forever 21.  The dress I wore to my 18th birthday dinner, and the blouse is being saved for its big reveal on Yearbook Picture Day.

As of March 2011: $15.80 from Forever 21



As of March 2011: £15.80 from Forever 21

The true chiffon in my wardrobe comes from these vintage scarves, and they also come in useful whenever the animal print trend pops up. As well as scarves, I have used them as belts, hair-ties, head-scarfs (with sunglasses in that style from the 60’s), and have even been known to reinvent a bag by tying one to its handles.

Really, anyone can wear a chiffon-esque item… all it takes is some style.

And, in the words of many a fashion icon; style is not what you wear… it’s how you wear it.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo

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