Extreme Procrastination

26 Apr

GirlSeeksShoe here.

Although I should currently be finishing (ok… starting) my coursework, I decided to blog about my ridiculous procrastination skills instead…

Basically, I’m really good at leaving work until the last-minute, and I never learn my lesson. This leads to a lot of complaining on my part, and a lot of earaches suffered by nearest and dearest. But no more. Well,  no,  I’m not organising my time better… But I am cutting down on my complaints *cue bright chirpy smile*.

I recently read about an initiative called A Complaint Free World: The 21 Day Challenge. Now, it is pretty old, but it’s never too late to break bad habits right? The gist of it is: you wear a wristband/bracelet/piece of string/whatever on your wrist and you don’t complain. About anything. For 21 days. This means no verbal negative outbursts, no bitching, nothing; unless you add a positive qualifier that will remedy the situation.

For example: “I’m cold” = bad, but “I’m cold so I will close that window”  = fine.

Every time you complain, you switch the thing-you-have-chosen-to-place-on-your-wrist to the other side and you start counting your complaint-free days again from one. Until you get to 21 days with that wrist-based-item staying on the same side. Now I chose a cute little bracelet I have had for years, but, seriously, you can go wild. 

This takes an incredible amount of self-awareness and, believe it or not, honesty. Apparently it takes 21 days for a habit to be conditioned into the average human’s brain, and if you stop talking negatively, your thoughts will be happier too.*sigh* Sounds good doesn’t it?

So here is the website, where you can buy wristbands if you want, and you can get a free widget (what? I love free stuff, okay; don’t judge me): http://www.acomplaintfreeworld.org/widget 

And here are some adorable bracelets I found (look, I’m not totally profound; I said stop judging me!):

Cinderella faith in your dreams black bangle 2012 Sweetie Bracelet - Blue Stone, Women Bracelets, Links of London Jewellery

From left: Disney Couture bangle £35.80 from House of Fraser; Forever 21 bracelet $6.80; Links of London Bracelet £130

Yeah, I’m on a bit of a self-motivation kick at the moment. I’m also loving the colour turquoise as you can see. So, let me know if you decide to try the 21 Day Challenge, or if you think it’s a load of psychobabble, and if you are in that turquoise zone,

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo

One Response to “Extreme Procrastination”

  1. Sarah April 27, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    That sounds like a really great idea :). I might try it out.



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