I Feel Pretty…

17 May

GirlSeeksShoe here.

It is a well-known fashion fact that looking good makes you feel good. Even if it’s just a dash of mascara before leaving the house. From a dab of under-eye concealer to some bright red lipstick… make-up can make your day.

So here are the contents of my make-up bags (yes, I have a few). Some things are going to get a raving review and some I regret  ever having wasted money on. A no holds-barred account of an 18 year olds must-haves and don’t-evens. Just for you 🙂

First up for examination is the biggest bag, into which I just pile random bits and bobs. It’s my equivalent of a haberdashery shop; freebies and presents and very old items galore.

  • Safety pins, thread, needles, hair-ties, wipes, a mirror and cotton buds. All so useful and so multi-purpose!
  • Lip glosses that are mediocre; these are generally non-branded, very old and various shades of red. One unusual addition is the Barry M Glossy Tube (was £2 from Superdrug).

I would not recommend this lipgloss to anyone. The colour is not consistent, it’s not long-lasting, and it’s not very flattering to be honest. So don’t be sucked in by the price; it’s not worth it.

  • Natural High Brightening Eye Cream; it doesn’t get rid of my dark circles but is quite good for application under concealer. I think it is only available in Holland though.
  • Collection 200 Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeliner, in Gold and Silver; even though I only use these for fancy-dress or hyped-up parties, they are very good. I would recommend these for anyone looking for a cheap glitter eyeliner that will last the night and make your outfit pop! (available at Superdrug)
  • 3 free double-ended Barry M eyeliner/shadow pencils; another bad review for Barry M. These were on the front of a magazine so I don’t know what I was expected. They are just useless; I really should have thrown them away by now.
  • Random gold eyeshadow pencil, purple eyeliner and little gold eyeshadow pot. All useless and brand-less.

Next is my bag of useful items that I use regularly; the New Look equivalent, if you will, even has my old favourites that I have outgrown.

  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara; an old favourite of mine, even though it’s not the best for me, I would definitely recommend it as a first mascara (it was my first after all!).


  • Good eyeliner (some are very good); Rimmel Soft Kohl in Jet Black, Boots Natural Collection in Green, Max Factor Kohl Pencils in Brown or Charcoal Grey. I would recommend any of these as they are all good, if not fabulous.
  • Lip liner in Rosy – unfortunately brand-less, but I would recommend everyone gets a lip-liner that matches their lip colour.
  • Collection 2000 Colour Intense Solo eyeshadow in Frosting; this is a glittery white that works as a base for eyeshadow, and as a highlighter. And it’s a steal!

Finally, it’s my most loved products; my must-haves and my sacred favourites. The Selfridges equivalent is my personal picks for the best items available:

  • Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner in Black. My perfect liquid eyeliner for creating a glamorous flick.


  • Barry M Kohl Pencil in Black/Grey; Do not ask me how this is possible! Barry M beating Rimmel?! But it creates a darker line and lasts longer so I guess it’s true.
  • Sephora Liner Electro in a glittery purple colour. So beautiful. I love Sephora. *sigh*
  • Again, to Sephora, for the absolute best lipglosses ever. They even taste amazing! I have the normal lip gloss in Coral, and the SPF 8 Nectar Shine in Mango.

  • Bobbi Brown lip gloss in pink; it’s makes me feel like a princess and it is very good.
  • Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara; my absolute favourite and must-have! I have it in Black in a big tube and a mini one.

  • MAC Wonder Woman Reflects Glitter in Bronze. Is awesome. Just dab a bit on your eye lids and you’ll be ready for saving the world  a night out.

  • MAC Prep + Prime (primer) SPF 15. The best face primer in the world.
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid (liquid foundation) in NC44. I cannot live without MAC.
  • MAC Select Moisturecover (concealer) in NW35. The greatest ever.

I also use Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm every day; it acts as a really good base for lipgloss too.

So there you have; my recommendations for what’s hot and what’s not. Like they say; feel pretty, act pretty.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo

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