Almost Time For A Treat…

16 Jun

GirlSeeksShoe here.


I’m half in shock and half hysterical. But, I am done. Four exams down, two to go. History is done. Critical Thinking A-Level is done. English. Is. Done.

And, breathe.

I won’t bore you with the details, needless to say English was the one that placed a tonne of pressure on me and I am super relieved (and terrified) that it is over. Well, over until the stress of Results Day in August, but we won’t go there.

I am planning a whole heap of retail therapy for the summer, and here is a pretty picture some stylish inspiration from Vanessa Paradis to amp up the anticipation.

Vanessa Paradis – Style icon or what?!

Also, I am super-excited about seeing Carlos Acosta dance Romeo on Sunday. I’m looking forward to prom (and shopping for accessories). And my freedom, with my last exam on Tuesday heralding the arrival of summer. So much anticipation… I cannot wait.

Without jinxing my future, I have started thinking about decorating my room in uni halls next year (*fingerscrossed!*). Here is some fabulous inspiration for that too. I’m thinking of doing a mood board for it, and currently my favoured theme is a vintage-esque vibe; girly and sophisticated with not too much pink but definitely neutrals and pastels… not that I’ve thought about it instead of revising…

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to paint or wallpaper my dorm room. In the words of Iago (whom I will hopefully not have to quote again for at least six months); “Ha! I like not that.”

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo


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