Macaroon Heaven at Ladurée

28 Jul

GirlSeeksShoe here.

I’ve been rejecting my blog lately, so here’s something to make your mouths’ water.

In Paris, we passed this beautiful patisserie; its windows were enough to make us stop and drool, and then go and spend an inordinate sum on some pastel macaroons.

I have since learnt that Ladurée make the best macaroons in the world, and the most beautiful. The packaging is sublime, and they are dotted around the world to entice those in the know to splash out on some flower-coloured delights.

Just some of the packaging you can choose from.

The flavours are so intense, and literally explode in your mouth. Try orange-blossom and be amazed. Chocolate lovers should definitely go for the best tasting chocolate ever.

I also bought a bag, because what fashion addict doesn’t collect bags from the places she’s been? I got the one with the macaroons splashed over it, but it was a hard choice.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo

P.S. Visit their website and feast your eyes.


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