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When in Rome… and Pisa and New York…

6 May
GirlSeeksShoe here.
My trips this year to Italy and New York were unforgettable. A friend of mine says that you know you’ve been to a great city when you come back and forget the rain. She is so right. So less words, more pictures… I’ll just show you what it was in these beautiful cities that caught my eye.


Rome 2011

The Trevi Fountain blew my mind...

Rome in the Rain

Rome from the top of the Spanish Steps


The English Lit. nerd in me 🙂 The Keats Shelley Museum
A view from a bridge… Rome 2011
I’m singin’ in the rain…
The Palatine; where Emperors walked.
The Palatine Hill… Emperors walked here.
Pisa 2011

Wow. Just... Wow.


Central Park. New York 2011

How can the middle of the busiest city in the world be so peaceful?

Central Park Skyline

THE Cupcake from THE Magnolia Bakery
These streets will make you feel brand new…

Bloomingdale’s – My heaven.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo