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Stylish Words of Comfort

23 Apr

GirlSeeksShoe here.

Style and comfort. Many in the fashion world believe that the two can never go hand in hand. And maybe they’re right. I have never worn a truly comfortable pair of heels. My mascara has never lasted 24 hours without somehow dislodging my contacts. And don’t even get me started on waxing.

But, even if style can’t be comfortable, comfort can be stylish.

You know those days when you need a mental hug? When you just need someone to sit you down and tell you that everything is going to be okay? Well, they seem to be more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. Maybe it’s because everyone is living the fast-paced over-achieving life. Maybe it’s the financial issues that seem to piling up at our doors. Hell, maybe it’s even politics! Who knows? But one outcome of this doom-and-gloom mentality is that people are focusing like never before on comforting, inspirational quotes and sayings.

And that has never been more stylish.

I was never really sucked in to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” craze. It was always just so…red.


But these, I totally get:

As these show, having a bit of comfort in your everyday life can be quite stylish… and very on trend. There is something about that clean aesthetic and fabulous range of colours that appeals to me, and it definitely cheers me up.

And, as for my absolute favourite stylish yet comforting slogan I have seen… well, the old favourite has been cleverly updated for our time:


I leave you with few more words of wisdom, that I discovered the other day:

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo

You Are What You Eat?

21 Apr

GirlSeeksShoe here.

When I was little, I used to think that everything I ate made a home in my stomach. Apples would grow into apple trees, icing would become wallpaper, bread would be a bed, and chips would be people. Etc etc. Like I said, I was little. Obviously, I don’t believe that anymore, but I still have a soft spot for pretty food, particularly cupcakes. My reasoning is that if you are what you eat, and you eat pretty food, you are pretty. This totally fits in with beauty being on the inside… it’s in your stomach!

My obsession only rocketed up a few levels when I started watching Ace of Cakes. But it skyrocketed when I visited Magnolia Bakery, in New York. First, I happened to walk past their stall in the Food Court at Grand Central Station. How could I not buy a slice of cheesecake for my mother?  Then, well, if I was there… they were written up in Vogue after all. And Vogue never lies.

So, I sat down with my double chocolate cupcake.


In the words of Katy Perry: “Boom, boom, boom.” Fireworks indeed. A veritable explosion of the taste buds, in fact.

To the annoyance of my family, I then loudly and continuously proclaimed that these were The Best Cupcakes In The World. I was attacked with “But you haven’t tried every cupcake in the world! You can’t say that!” and “Just come to Washington D.C, and I’ll show you the best cupcakes”. To no avail. Their words fell on deaf ears… I was a Magnolia Bakery convert.

 This was, however, by no means the beginning of my cupcake epiphany. I had always loved them, making it a ritual to buy one from the Selfridges Food Court (London) every Christmas and anniversary of my birth. Something about the candy-coloured icing – and, ohmylord, what a altitudinous swirl of icing – mixed with the soft cake underneath, in all the flavours under the sun… it got to me. For someone who had always loved colours, and pretty things, and being a girly girl, cupcakes were drops of paradise.

During that same trip to New York, several days after my “conversion”, we headed to the Rockefeller Centre. We passed some lovely shops, and then… I saw its cosily lit windows from down the block. Magnolia Bakery. The full-sized shop! No-one needed convincing really. My mother still remembered the cheesecake, my brother wanted a hot chocolate, my father knew they did eggless biscuits… I could call it fate (if I was so inclined). They were doing a charitable venture; purple cupcakes, proceeds go to Epilepsy Awareness etc. Well, purple happens to be my favourite colour, and there was one chocolate-based purple cupcake-with-a-daisy-on-top  left.

 Of course, I bought it. After taking about a thousand pictures and staring at it for a while, I savoured every mouthful.

Another thing about Magnolia Bakery… I would honestly recommend it as a tourist attraction. Not just for the cupcakes. Because  you can see them making the cupcakes in the window. The whole process if you wish. We stood there for about half an hour, just watching in awe as a baker filled the middle of the cupcakes with icing, and then iced the tops perfectly. The middle!

Another place that recently astounded me was the Selfridges Food Hall. I really hadn’t expected anything to have changed when I walked down there, so this display just blew me away:

The macaroons and meringues made me salivate, I am not joking. The excruciating part was, though, that I could not eat anything as I had just had a MAC make-over done for my night-out. *sob*

Of course, I could not let a post about pretty foods go by without an ode to the chocolate eclair. No, not the poorly wrapped sweet. The cake.


Now, this may not seem pretty to everyone, but following the theme of beauty on the inside…


Now also SeekingCupcakes,

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo