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These Boots Were Made For Walking… Just Like Those Jimmy Choos…

22 Apr

GirlsSeeksShoe here.

I really am surprised that I lasted so long before giving into my need to write a post on shoes. Well, yes it is only my fourth post, but, for me, that is a long time.

Let’s talk about shoes then. Just the word is enough to give me that fluttering in my stomach, and shivers up my spine. It’s soft and sensuous and rolls off your tongue. The smell of a new shoebox is as good as the smell of freshly mown grass (after I have taken my hay fever tablets of course). Walking into a shop and buying a pair of new shoes can be the highlight of my week… showing them off to my friends can be the highlight of the next. Men and jobs will come and go, but there will always be shoes. I am almost ashamed to admit (but not quite) that sorting my shoe collection out never fails to lift my spirits, and, after gaining a much-coveted pair, I have been known to sleep with them.

I recently discovered that there are other women who feel the same way as I do, and they call themselves Imeldas. After the legendary Imelda Marcos of course, who had 5400 pairs of shoes. Compared to the average woman who has a meagre 19. I am proud to say that, at the age of 18, I have amassed a collection of 23, and, as I never throw heels away, I am well on my way to 100 by the age of 21. What? Even Imelda didn’t wear all her shoes. As Marian Keyes put it, “We’re like collectors of rare artefacts.”

Above are a selection of shoes from my collection, which happen to be my recent favourites. I have included a pair of my Converse, because, honestly, that is representative of my choice in footwear. I have several pairs, and they are great for those days when you just want to walk. Without teetering and nearly falling over. I believe that there are two types of shoes in the world; “hello” shoes and “goodbye” shoes. “Hello” shoes are for the days when you want to be sociable and feel pretty, when you want people to notice you… days when you are, what my mother would call, “on form”. And “goodbye” shoes are for the opposite. When you’re in a bad mood, and not feeling very lady-like, and you just want the world to leave you alone. Converse fit very definitely into the latter category.

So that is quick snapshot of the shoes I own.

Then, there are the shoes I want.

Red-soled Louboutins. Tasteful Choos. Candy-coloured Kirkwoods. Dior. Ohhhh, Dior.

The moment I laid eyes on these drop-dead gorgeous skyscrapers in American Vogue, I knew. One day, I would own a pair. My very own fairy-tale ending.

And here they are in blue:

Unfortunately, I cannot afford these lemondrops of beauty with my meagre earnings from my part-time job. So I will have to wait until I enter the world of magical grown-ups with jobs and degrees. I shall continue shopping at New Look, where the shoes are within my price range (20% student discount!). Not that I’m complaining of course… New Look is heaven-sent for aspiring Imeldas such as moi.

And that, my lovely readers, is why I am

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo