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You And I… Lady Gaga Does It Again

17 Aug

GirlSeekingShoe here.

“Sit back down where you belong, in the corner of my bar with your high heels on.”

Such a catchy tune, that Gaga’s fans have known the words of a year before its official release… how could we not, when she tailors it to every audience, in almost all of her performances?

And the video certainly lives up to the gold standards she has set for herself; raising the bar yet again, this time even transforming into a man.

Although the fashion and make-up in Judas remains my favourite of the Haus of Gaga’s numerous creations, the Renaissance style is here transformed into an otherworldly mermaid/Edward Scissorhands composition. That sentence shouldn’t work in real-life, but it does, and You And I brings something completely new to the table. Again. She just keeps delivering.

There are some stunning cinematic shots in this video, and, I’m no Film Studies student, but the colour composition looks perfect to me. It conveys the wistful mood of the song, and it’s underlying hard determination.

This look is typically Gaga, and the mouthpiece/voice box thing brings to mind the original Little Mermaid tale, in which she gives up her voice to become human. The Jackie O style huge sunglasses are quite fabulous, and the black hat with veil combined with all the metal brings to  mind Burton’s and Depp’s Edward Scissorhands, making it more Morticia Adams than First Lady.

The shots of Gaga face to face with herself as a man are quite poignant, with her little-girl simplicity shown in stark contrast to her James Dean alter-ego. This shots are beautifully filmed; I especially love the opening framing with the crops.

Gaga’s simple look is quite unusual for her, with the straight hair and pared-down make-up. But the touches of Gaga are there, with the hair being platinum blond and her coral/orange lips.  I think she looks quite nice, but without the orange lips reminding us of her eccentricity she would look nothing like her usual eclectic self.

I admit that I do prefer it when she goes back to her out-there fashion in the rest of the video.

I love her make-up here; she goes back to that Renaissance look with the eyeliner swirls from Judas. Stunning. Also, gold is a universally flattering colour, and she works it!

When I first glimpsed this outfit in the video, I just accepted it and dismissed it as another Gaga creation. But on closer inspection, the details arr astounding. I was astonished to see how much work must have gone into the layers of fabric. Take a look at the rose on her left shoulder (her left, not yours):

Gaga’s eccentricity is shown through, amongst other things, her hair. So far, my favourite hair styles from her ever-growing collection are curly blonde (as seen in Judas), and black-and-straight (above). But now I have a new favourite:

That blue is amazing!! I love it. Forget the black leather bondage outfit, the hair makes this shot for me. Incredible.

Like I said, Gaga does it again.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo

Did Gaga Get It Right?

9 May

GirlSeeksShoe here.

Let me get this out of the way; I am a Lady Gaga fan. For various reasons that will have to wait for another blog post, I like her and her music (well, most of it). But, I will be the first to admit that I am far too terrified to ever copy her outfits. Whether you think she ahs style or not, she is definitely in a class of her own.

And then I saw the video for Judas, which dropped earlier than expected due to an unexpected leak. And she looks fabulous! The music video for Born This Way (however much I may adore the song) freaked me out… but Judas is something else entirely.

In Gaga’s own words; “It’s like a fresco come to life.”  

Her jewels here are stunning, and the gold looks classy when paired with her regal purple in this outfit. I love her make-up here too, and I think it suits her without being too outlandish. Plus Jesus is totally hot.

She has taken her make-up up a notch here, and the pronounced flicks really appeal to me; it’s rare that you see Gaga channel pretty, but this look shows that she can be fierce and girly at the same time.

Her nails here are absolutely fantastic. The whole look brings to mind Renaissance France/Italy and the decadent eyes, plum lips, and fabulous hair all channel royalty; you can just imagine her walking through the gardens in the Palace of Versailles. Just stunning.

This is actually my favourite look from the video. The pretty make-up becomes fierce when paired with the leather Hell’s Angel look. Mary Magdelene as a rock-goddess/biker… only Gaga could pull that one off. And just look at those shoes! *sigh*

The blue here points to Magdalene’s characteristic blue gown in Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. She has swapped her biker outfit for one with Biblical connoations, and manages to look anything but saintly. She pulls the red lipstick look off very well, especially as she is actually supposed to look like an ex-prostitute here.

And then it’s back to the Gaga we know and love. As the video takes a turn for the confusing, she adds some more Gaga-esque outfits that will either lead you to applause or bafflement.

The skunk-hair made this my least favourite outfit form the video, and I actually founf the stoning scene quite shocking, if only becuase she lulled me into a false sense of security and I wasn’t expecting it. I did, however, love the mermaid outfit, as it was the one that was most charcteristic of Gaga’s theatrical style, and yet somehow looked stunning.

Spot on with her leather theme, yet somehow out of a fairy-tale, and, perhaps most importantly for a woman who has permeated all aspects of society, quintessentially Lady Gaga.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo