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Look What The Elves Brought…

26 May

GirlSeeksShoe here.

So a couple of weeks ago I ordered some make-up brushes from the online retailer E.L.F. Cosmetics. The brushes were said to be the best affordable brushes out there. Obviously, brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown are said to have the best brushes overall, but, for a student budget, spending £25 per brush is an insane thing to do. So I spent £10.50 on 6 brushes; a bargain or a waste of money?

The first thing I bought was the 5-piece brush collection for £9.

From left to right, this includes;  a Lip Defining Brush, a Brow Comb & Brush, a Defining Eye Brush, a Blushing/Bronzing/Blending Brush and a Total Face Brush.

  • The Lip Defining Brush was definitely a waste of money. Hard and brittle, it actually scraped off the gloss I was trying to apply. 1/10
  • The Brow Comb & Brush is something I have no use for, so I gave to my cousin. She uses it to comb her fringe. 2/10
  • The Defining Eye Brush is okay. It is worse than the little brushes that came with my eyeshadow palette so I don’t use it. But it isn’t a bad last resort. 4/10
  • The Blushing/Bronzing/Blending Brush is quite useful for blending, but I’m one of those people who loves to use a huge brush when applying blusher or bronzer. And it probably won’t get that much use because I like to use my fingers for blending. 6/10
  • The Total Face Brush is fabulous. I used it for blush and bronzer and it was sufficiently big and fluffy. It’s bristles stayed in tact, and it catches powder brilliantly. However, I use a liquid foundation, so, again, this brush won’t serve it’s purpose. 8/10

I also bought the Concealer Brush, and, at £1.50 it was an absolute steal!

It’s about as big as a pencil, and, as one of those picky people who don’t like to conceal with their finger, it was absolutely perfect for me. The most useful brush I bought from E.L.F. and a definite bargain. It blends concealer so well! I’m beaming.


You can buy it here.

Now I have a bit of a confession to make. As I didn’t find a brush suitable for liquid foundation (I know Stipple Brushes are best but they had none in stock), I borrowed my mother’s. The John Lewis own-brand Foundation Brush was only available in store, and although not horrifically expensive it was still pretty pricey at £15 . It is fabulously useful for liquid foundation though, so I am definitely keeping it. It does leave me with a lot of blending to do as it applies the foundation quite heavily, but overall it is a good buy. 9/10

I’ll leave you with a couple of indispensible make-up tips I have picked up here and there:

  1. Blending your make-up and then patting it with your middle finger leaves a natural finish, and a dewy look.
  2. Primer on the T-zone (that’s forehead, nose and chin) is a god-send for combination/oily skin.
  3. Vaseline on your lips before a hot shower is perfect for buffing them up before a red-lipstick occasion.

GirlStillSeekingShoe xoxo